2018 Kyoto Spring Garden Tour       DATES:  April 7 – 16, 2018

2018 Special Spring Road-Trip         DATES:  April 16 – 20, 2018


2018 Kyoto Autumn Garden Tour and Road-Trip:  dates coming soon




To register for the tour, please contact me directly.

•  I will send you registration details, including PAYMENT and CANCELLATION TERMS. 

•  I will also put you in touch with Windows To Japan, the tour agency I collaborate with which is based in Kyoto.  They will assist you with your deposit and balance payments.


PHYSICAL DEMANDS:  Participants are expected to be in reasonably good physical shape to handle a sizable amount of daily walking through neighborhoods, city streets, country lanes, up & down train-station stairways, and along natural stepping stone garden paths.  No steep hills, but a good amount of walking will be required during the normal course of a guided day.

MAINTAINING THE WA:  Wa is harmony, and it is essential to the tour experience.  Kyoto Garden Tour and Windows to Japan work hard to provide a harmonious and high-quality personalized tour, and to assemble groups with a high degree of wa.

After registration and/or during the tour, if the behavior of any guest(s) is not in keeping with the harmony of the group, or causes overt or undue disruption to the other guests on the tour, or to the supporting staff involved, we reserve the right to expel the guest(s) from the tour without notice or remuneration.

ITINERARY DISCLAIMER:  As director of Kyoto Garden Tour and as your tour leader, I design the itineraries for all the tours. While we follow this detailed outline to the best of our abilities, I also leave room for spontaneity. Please know that there can be unforeseen circumstances or conditions such as weather, service providers’ personal circumstances, traffic and etc. that may interfere with going to some destinations or may make some activities unfeasible. Windows to Japan, and myself as your tour leader, reserve the right to alter or cancel specific activities or destinations. We will endeavour to replace any such cancelled activities or destinations with alternative(s) of equal interest and value, but we shall not be held liable in the event of any amendments or changes to the itinerary.

Participants are responsible for their own transportation to / from Japan Please note: our recommended airport for arrival is KIX – Kansai International Airport – we will arrange your shuttle-taxi into Kyoto from there.  An alternate route is to come by way of NRT – Narita Airport / JR NEX to Tokyo / bullet train to Kyoto.  I can provide you with specific details if you travel this route.

My garden tours are designed for small groups.  A tour needs a minimum of 10 guests to become a go –  a typical group size is 12 – the maximum number of guests is 14.

I encourage you to spread the word to your friends in the gardening, arts and design communities.  I will be corresponding closely with each tour group prior to the start date, but for now feel free to get in touch if I can be of any further assistance.

As always, please contact me if you are interested in joining a future Kyoto Garden Tour and I will add you to my mailing list to receive notification on new Spring and Autumn offerings.   Okini !    Allan

Allan Mandell

Quadra Island BC, Canada

ph. 250-285-3390

Contact Kyoto Garden Tour

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